Bellin Run 10k Race Recap

On Saturday, I ran the Bellin Run 10k in Green Bay, WI for the second time. It is one of the largest 10k races in the country, drawing more than 19,000 runners this year. To excite the running community of northeastern WI even more, Meb graced Green Bay with his presence both Friday and Saturday. He ran in the Bellin not to race, but to raise money for charity and “run with the people.” If only I were one of those people who run a sub-30 10k, then maybe I could’ve run with Meb. :) Although I didn’t run along side him, I saw him being interviewed as I crossed the finish line which was pretty cool.

Bellin Run 10k Race Recap Last year I had no idea of my finishing time and we started in corral 5. Needless to say it was the wrong corral and took us nearly 20 minutes just to get to the start line. This year, we were in corral 2 and only had to wait 5 minutes to start. It was nice not to have to weave in and out of people.

Bellin Run 10k Race Recap Saturday in Green Bay provided perfect running conditions. It was in the mid 50s, but warmer in the sun. There was a light, cool breeze that I felt throughout the whole course. Hubby and I started together, but run at different paces, so I was on my own for the race. He rocked his “signature” headband. Personally, I think it’s just for looks, but he wears it every race.

Bellin Run 10k Race Recap My legs felt good throughout the race, but a little heavy. I was hoping to keep a 8:30 min/mile pace for as long as I could. I tried to save up some energy to push that last mile. My splits were 8:41, 8:48, 8:30, 8:45, 8:54, 8:41 with an official finishing time of 54:24. It was a minute off my PR, which I would’ve liked to break, but it just wasn’t in the cards. I pushed myself as much as I could throughout the 6.2 miles, so I’m incredibly happy and proud of my time.

Bellin Run 10k Race Recap Despite the 20,000 runners, the race is very well organized. There are clearly marked signs, ample parking if you know where to go, and it only costs $20. The race price included a cotton tshirt and post race food/water. I don’t mind that there’s a medal only every 5 years (next one in 2016). Not having a medal didn’t detract from the experience. Adults and children, as well as a couple people dressed in costumes, lined almost the entire course. I am a lover of high fives and you can bet I gave out my fair share.

Bellin Run 10k Race Recap There were thousands of runners and yet I still ran into a couple girls I know from our local running group and my gym. The Bellin Run is a big race with a small town feel. Lots of families come out together and while I’m all about working out as a family, I appreciated that runners with strollers were not allowed to run this year. In previous years they were allowed to run and some common courtesies were not followed. My hubby recalled being yelled at last year to get out of the way because a person with a stroller was behind him. With the sheer number of people there, it was nice not to worry about getting run over by strollers. Plus, the streets we run on are narrow and it can get tight in certain spots.

2014-06-14 07.45.14The 10k is becoming my favorite distance because I have to train for it, but it doesn’t take so much time like the half marathon. Not quite as quick and dirty as a 5k, but still short enough that I have energy left at the end of the race to sprint across the finish line. I can assure you I was not doing anything close to sprinting at the end of the Cellcom.

If you’re from northeastern WI and are looking for a fun, well organized 10k, I highly recommend the Bellin Run. It was a blast! See you next year Bellin Run!

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Do you think runners with strollers should or shouldn’t be allowed to run in large races with everyone else? Tell me about your run this weekend!

15 Thoughts on “Bellin Run 10k Race Recap

  1. Wow that’s a huge race! I do think strollers should be allowed but maybe they should start a few minutes later. I was passed by a guy with a double stroller in a race-ugh how defeating huh?
    Deborah Brooks @ Confessions of a Mother Runner recently posted…Ouch blisters and chafing-What’s a Runner to do?!My Profile

    • It is! They had the strollers start in the last corral, but there were also signs posted that they couldn’t run with a stroller. I think due to the size of the crowd and the narrow streets, they made the right call.

  2. Sounds like the temps were nice for your race! I don’t think I’ve been in a race where there’s strollers allowed or maybe I just avoid signing up! Just too much congestion especially if there’s tons of runners.
    SC recently posted…Pardon My Streaking!My Profile

    • They temps were perfect! I’ve lucked out and always had good weather for every race I’ve done. I know that can’t last forever, but it’s been nice!

  3. Nice run Nikki! I don’t mind the strollers if there is a staggered start time. I love how the weather is being so cooperative with running right now!
    jill conyers recently posted…Live From the HeartMy Profile

  4. Great run! I can’t believe the number of people that turned out, that’s a huge crowd! I agree on the strollers being annoying to work around. Either an earlier or later start time should be provided for those runners.
    Ree recently posted…things i’m loving right nowMy Profile

  5. Nice job and awesome splits! Looks like a really fun race. I ran a 5 mile race yesterday and was really annoyed by the strollers. It was a crowded race and strollers only make it worse. I would have appreciated if the race directors had the strollers start at the back, or start 5 minutes after everyone else to give the course a chance to thin out a little bit. It just seems to be a safety hazard in my opinion!
    Emilie recently posted…Race Recap: Branford Road RaceMy Profile

    • Thanks! I hope you’re race went well! Strollers definitely add to the congestion, especially if they think you should get out of the way for them. I think more power to moms who run with strollers, but they need to follow the rules just like any other runner. I would never yell at someone ahead of me to move out of the way lol.

  6. Great job! It is awesome that the race is so inexpensive.
    EB @ Running on E recently posted…50k Training Week 5: 6/9-6/15My Profile

  7. Way to go! 10K’s are such a fun yet challenging distance!! Great time!
    Sarah @ Sweet Miles recently posted…Easy Breakfast HashMy Profile

  8. Terrific job, doll! 10Ks are a toughie of a distance, but you rocked it out!
    Tiffany @ The Chi-Athlete recently posted…Seven Things That Made Me Smile TodayMy Profile

    • Thanks, girl! I tried to push myself as much as possible. I’m just glad I have fast legs after last fall’s IT band injury. It felt good to push it!

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